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About Us



                              Sri L N Agro Enterprises  was established in the year 2010 with a goal of achieving revolution in the area of agriculture by increasing quality and improvement in quality of products by manufacturing the Agro Implements and Equpiments  in the Country. Since the Inception of Sri L N Agro Enterprises the company founder Mr. Tallapaka Obulesu  has been responsible for translating his many year of field experience into abstaining and innovative products from across the globe that will benefit you as our customer & our environment.  The company has a team of professionally qualified well experienced persons in the field of manufacturing, formulations & marketing.  We conduct business with Ethics & Integrity. We are proud of the products which we manufacture and the efforts we put into them. Our goal is to serve on our country by setting standards of quality, services and commitment to customers. We measure and our success based on the satisfaction of our valuable customers.  Regarding our quality assurance and policy, our uppermost priority is Quality. We have qualified technicians, specialized in analysis & research our work with modern technics.




                                                                THINK BIG THINK BEST

                                                                MESSAGE FROM OUR MANAGING DIRECTOR

                                                                  " At Sri L N Agro Enterprises, we commit ourselves to optimize opportunities essential to each farmer in their support by offering cost-effective, high-yielding                                                                                   products. We want them to make the most of every acre. Our focus is on newer chemistry to facilitate an edge to drive synergy in the way agriculture is being                                                                                  done ".

                                                                     " We take pride in creating game changing formulation for addressing better farm solutions. We strive to contribute to all stakeholders through our business                                                                                       activities and promote a corporate culture that the community can trust ".

                                                                                                    Mr. Tallapaka Obulesu, Managing Director, Sri L N Agro Enterprises.

     Vision & Mission


                                           To brace agriculture by providing the 'Best' products & 'Best' business practices to stimulate and execute agriculture solutions.To create a farmer delight through regular                                                               innovations, optimism & inspiration with our strong commitment to the health & safety of the environment.To enhance & efficiently employ operational resources to accomplish                                                     performance excellence and continuously extend the product portfolio to ensure significant business growth


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